Is Paintball Safe for Kids?

There’s nothing more important than safety when you’re planning activities for your kids.

Would it surprise you to know that paintball is one of the safest options around? At only 0.2 injuries per 100,000 games played every year, it’s much safer than football (3.8 injuries per 100,000), baseball (2.8 injuries per 100,000), and even pool parties or water slides. When you play paintball at a professional facility like White River Paintball that uses modern safety equipment and follows proper procedures, that number decreases even more.

Before anyone steps foot on our field of play, they’re outfitted with head and eye protection. They’re given markers that are carefully calibrated to fire paintballs at a safe speed (300 feet per second or below). Then they receive a full safety briefing that goes over the safety rules, which include:

  • Keeping masks on at all times during play
  • Maintaining a minimum shooting distance of 15 feet
  • Using a plug in the barrel of the marker any time you’re around people who aren’t wearing protective gear
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Your paintball party (Birthday, Youth Group, or Friendly Get-Together) will have a private referee whose only job is to ensure that these rules are followed and that your guests are safe. We also provide protected areas so parents, younger kids, and onlookers can observe safely.

Weather you are wanting to host a private paintball party or just come out for Open Play, you’d be hard-pressed to find any other activity that takes this amount of precaution and care to prevent injuries. This is why paintball is actually one of the safest sports played today.

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