Get to Know Your Commander: Stephani Kemper

Stephani Kemper and Kristi Weaver are leading the English Army in the Siege of Stirling Scenario Event this Summer. If you’re unsure of which team to join, consider reading up on the each of the Commanders to get a better idea of which team you want to enlist in.

WRP: How long have you been playing Paintball?

S: 5 years

WRP: What team do you play for?

S: Infinite Death

WRP: What marker do you use?

S: Nebula CS2

WRP: What mask do you use?

S: OG JT ProFlex

WRP: What is your commanding style like?

S: I just stay ready to get what needs to be done, done. I make sure to have eager people ready to do missions when it’s time.

WRP: Do you have any pre-game rituals?

S: Coffee and lots of it!

WRP: What do you think a team needs to do in order to win a Scenario

S: Have a strong leader and positive attitudes. Be ready to put in the work!

WRP: Favorite Moment while Playing Paintball

S: Taking over an entire building with just my husband (Kempzilla) and myself.

WRP: Rapid Fire! Favorite – Movie, music and color.

S: Clue and Harry Potter. I don’t really have any favorites. I tend to just listen to a variety of artists and all shades of blue!