Get to Know Your Commander: Kelli Meeks

Kelli Meeks and Sarah Minch are leading the Scottish Army in the Siege of Stirling Scenario Event this Summer. If you’re unsure of which team to join, consider reading up on the each of the Commanders to get a better idea of which team you want to enlist in.

WRP: How long have you been playing Paintball?

K: I have been playing for 3 yrs. I am the president of Fox’s Den Indiana Chapter and our home field is Blastcamp.

WRP: What team do you play for?

K: Fox’s Den Indiana Chapter

WRP: What marker do you use?

K: I run a Shocker AMP with an Immortal tank

WRP: What mask do you use?

K: EVS mask

WRP: What is your commanding style like?

K: This is only my 2nd command, but I like to ask players what they like to run and what their play style is individually or as a team. I like to get others POV and how best to utilize them.

WRP: Do you have any pre-game rituals?

K: My pre game is coffee **laughs**  and being up early and being set up ready to go an hour before game briefing

WRP: What do you think a team needs to do in order to win a Scenario

K: I feel like working together as a whole and knowing when to make the right moves at the right time. Having a great command team along with great team leaders on the field. Having the right person that gets you pumped up and wanting to go all out! Also have everyone on field at the start of the game!

WRP: Favorite Moment while Playing Paintball

K: My favorite moment would be running with MEK at Fulda! Those guys are crazy fun. I went with them to the top of D2 and they had use break into 3 groups and we charged out and ran a line down the hill taking as many as we could. Then they showed me the lazy W and we ran shoulder to shoulder into a huge battle.

WRP: Rapid Fire! Favorite – Movie, music and color.

K: Magenta, Dirty Dancing or Grease, and I love a all music but i would say my favorite one at the moment is Jelly Roll.